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  Dale Hoppers has been calling and teaching Square and Line Dancing since 1982.
  His easy, casual style makes him the perfect choice for groups where there are dancers with varied levels of skill. Dale really knows how to keep everyone dancing and having fun. His fun way of calling gives everyone a challenge, but still keeps them moving.
  "I like to be on the floor, among the dancers while I'm calling. I feel more connected with dancers that way. I'll even join in as one of the dancers if they need me, and call at the same time. I use music that is fun for everyone to listen to. I will use popular music in my calls that people love to move and sing to. It's a very fun and interactive experience for me and the dancers"
  Dale loves to teach square dancing and line dancing at parties of all kinds. He has taught thousands of people at all age levels and all kinds of venues. Weddings, Birthday parties, Anniversary Parties, Graduation Parties, Church Parties, Office Parties and more.

Some people are surprised when they discover the fun they can have under Dale's easy to follow instruction.


  For more information, please contact:

Dale: 909-223-0108

or email:  Callerdale@aol.com



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